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Arsonists, saboteurs have no right to do politics: PM


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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said those who resort to arson attacks, destructions, and removing fishplates from rail lines have no right to do politics in Bangladesh.
“They are collaborators of the defeated forces of 1971,” she said. The prime minister said this while addressing a discussion at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC). The ruling Awami League organised the programme on the occasion of Martyred Intellectuals Day.
Hasina said that the ghosts of occupational Pakistani forces who were defeated in 1971 are now engaged in a conspiracy against the people of this country, killing people and are planning to kill more, report agencies.
“I am urging you all to resist them. If the people come forward in places where fishplates are removed then these conspirators will not get scope to run away,” she said. She urged all to remain cautious regarding this matter.
“These people just know to destroy, they do not know to create or build. They can kill people, but not provide peace and security to people’s lives. All have to remain cautious from them,” she said. Hasina, also the ruling Awami League chief, asked all to nab the perpetrators red handed while they would go for any destructive activities and arson attacks. “Steps have to be taken against them,” she said.
Regarding the demand of BNP to restore democracy in the country, she said that they are talking about democracy after pulling out fishplates that derailed trains and killed people.
“How could they talk about democracy, killers cannot give democracy, people of the country have to understand that,” she said. The prime minister said that blood of martyrs did not go in vein as today’s Bangladesh is the changed Bangladesh. “Today we got the recognition as a developing country. Bangladesh will move forward as the developing country. The dream of the Father of the Nation to build a hunger and poverty free Bangladesh are being fulfilled,” she said.
She mentioned that Bangladesh is now a truly independent country.
“People of Bangladesh have got back their rights to vote and democracy. They will use their voting rights. They will live in peace and get developed lives. That is our aim,” she said.
Awami League presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, central committee leader Advocate Tarana Halim spoke, among others, at the programme.
Children of martyrs Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Nuzhat Chowdhury also spoke.

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