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New entry ‘Israeled’ added to Urban Dictionary


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The popular online dictionary Urban Dictionary has added the word “Israeled” to its entries. As per the dictionary, “Israeled” is defined as asserting ownership over something that rightfully belongs to someone else.

One user shared an incident in their entry, stating, “I permitted someone to share my table at a restaurant. Eventually, they ousted me from the table, citing a meeting. That’s when I experienced being ‘Israeled.'”

Urban Dictionary was a website established in 1999, is a crowd-sourced platform where users provide definitions that are then voted on by volunteer editors. While the words entered in this internet dictionary have no bearing in more official dictionaries like Oxford or Merriam-Webster, it is significant in presenting the internet’s view on a word as a collective. Therefore, the site is frequently visited by those interested in popular culture, internet culture, slang, and jargon.

Since Israel’s attack on Gaza started in early October, 2023 following deadly Hamas excursions into Israeli territory, the world has looked on in horror at the death and destruction inflicted on innocent Palestinians. It has renewed interest in the history of the conflict, especially among the younger generation of internet users.

Here are some entries published on Urban Dictionary:

“When someone asks you to share something of yours and then fight you to get you out of it. And tell everyone you took it from them. In a restaurant, someone asked to share my table. I agreed. After a moment, he asked me to leave because he had a meeting! I’ve been israeled.”

“When a person tells you that your property is theirs [when it obviously isn’t], and demands you just give this property to them, and if you refuse, they take it by force and the law will somehow be on the their [israeling] side. You’ve been israeled. He israeled my place.”

“The act of taking something that is not yours and then kicking out the rightful owner. Someone asked to share my table at a restaurant, and then asked me to leave the table because they had a meeting! Looks like you just got israeled.”

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