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Govt have to prove fair elections this time: CEC


DE Online Report
Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal has said that this time, the government must prove that elections can be fair even under its authority.
Speaking at the inauguration of the day-long training programme for executive magistrates at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital today (31 December), he said everyone has to fulfill their responsibilities at the field-level to make the national election successful.
“We have to prove at any cost that a government can be in power while the election commission organises a national election,” said the CEC.
Kazi Habibul Awal said, ‘Election is nearby. There has been prolonged debate in the country regarding elections. Questions have arisen about the credibility of elections, and violence has occurred. Another reason to be attentive in elections is that a political faction has boycotted them. Usually, elections are very celebratory. During the United Front’s election in 1954, the election was conducted by the Home Ministry. The Muslim League suffered a massive defeat in that election. It was a fair and impartial election. Since then, elections have always been festive.
He mentioned that this aspect of festivity has now diminished since a faction has boycotted the elections. The elections were boycotted in 2014, leading to violence, which was a challenge. There have been some controversies surrounding the 2018 elections as well. However, overall, the participation in the elections was significant, and there were no major challenges. Subsequently, there have been debates about it, which has diminished the universal acceptability that our prevalent elections should have in the country.
The Election Commissioner said that this time, it’s crucial to prove at any cost that a government, through its responsibility, can conduct elections through the Election Commission. The Constitution binds the government to assist the Election Commission or Election Management Body constitutionally. Without the government’s assistance, we cannot conduct elections.

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