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Arson terrorism can’t mar voting festivity : Hasan Mahmud



Information and Broadcasting Minister, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, emphasized that the enthusiasm of the voting process remained unaffected by acts of arson and terrorism.

He stated, “Those giving directives for heinous crimes and subversive activities bear responsibility for these acts, and there is a demand for strong action against them.” Speaking to reporters at YNT Centre in Deanzi Pukur Lane.

Shahzada Mohiuddin, Former Vice-Chairman of Chittagong South District Awami League and AL social welfare secretary Mohammad Aminul Islam was present at the meeting.

he addressed, the international community’s keen interest in the election with observers sent by the US, European Union, United Nations, SAARC, OIC countries, and others.

Dr. Hasan Mahmud expressed the commitment to eradicate arson terrorists if the government is formed, stating that such activities have no place in a civilized society. He hoped for a free and fair election with substantial voter participation, anticipating a landslide victory for Awami League and the election of Bangabandhu’s daughter as Prime Minister for the fifth time.

The information minister called on the international community to condemn arson terrorists attempting to disrupt the polls, emphasizing the need for assistance to eliminate these terrorists.

He criticized BNP’s demand for an international investigation into a train arson attack, describing it as a habitual denial. Dr. Hasan Mahmud accused BNP’s acting chairman, Tarique Rahman, of directing arson terrorism, presenting evidence sent to London.

The minister urged the public to resist such individuals, labeling BNP-Jamaat as enemies of the country and the nation, attempting to disrupt the festive environment. He reassured that the government is determined to eliminate them.

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