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BNP salutes voters for making its boycott call a success


DE Online Desk
Claiming that their party’s call for boycotting the ‘unilateral’ national election was successful, BNP senior leader Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan on Sunday congratulated the voters for not going to the polling stations. Talking to reporters at his Gulshan residence, he also said the people of the country rejected the Awami League government through this voter-less election. “On behalf of not only BNP but also all the 62 political parties who boycotted this farcical election, I salute the people of Bangladesh for the sole reason that they have never compromised on the question of democracy. They also didn’t do this this time as well,” the BNP leader said.
Stating that the pictures taken by the media speak, he said thousands of photos have already been there on social media. “You can see pictures of dogs standing, lying down and basking in the sun in front of the polling stations in the absence of voters.”
“Most of the polling stations were almost empty of voters. So, our call for the election boycott has succeeded definitely,” the BNP leader said.
He said the last part of the election drama arranged by the government was being staged from Sunday morning. “The interesting thing is what we have been saying for the one year that the people of Bangladesh have turned down this government has proved it today before everyone in the country as people boycotted the voting.” The BNP leader said they astonishingly observed that the government has taken democracy to such a level in the last 10 years that hundreds of voting centres were empty during the election. “This is the reality of the farce in the name of Bangladesh’s 12th parliament election.”

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