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Polls acceptance to people is important: Sheikh Hasina


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Prime Minister and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina urged the voters to exercise franchise to continue country’s democracy, saying she doesn’t bother who accepted the election or not as polls acceptance to people is only important issue.
“I have to prove credibility. Right, but, to whom, a terrorist party? A terrorist organisation? No, I have my accountability to my people. (I think) whether the people accept the election or not, and that is important to me,” she said.
The premier said this while replying to questions after coming out of booth to cast her vote at Dhaka City College centre in the city on Sunday morning.
About foreign country’s interference, she said they don’t bother who says what about the election, report agencies.
“Bangladesh is a sovereign and independent country. It may be small country, but it has a large population— I don’t bother who says what, as the people is our main strength,” she said. The premier said they have ensured conducive election environment confronting all the barriers.
“Conducive environment for election has been established. Your vote is very valuable, we struggled for the right to vote and I hope that all the voters will come to the polling centers and exercise their voting rights to continue the democratic trend,” she said. Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude to the people for their help in ensuring congenial atmosphere for election.
“There were so many obstacles and hurdles, but the people of the country were cautious about their voting rights. National election is held every five years. And people will cast their votes freely and we have been able to create that environment,” she said.
About confidence in winning the election, she said, “InshaAllah, we will win the election…we will form the government. No doubt about it. We have faith and confidence in people that they will vote for Boat,” she said.
The prime minister arrived at the polling centre with her younger sister Sheikh Rehana, daughter Saima Wazed and Sheikh Rehana’s son Radwan Mujib Siddiq at 7:55 in the morning.
Dhalywood actor Ferdous Ahmed who is contesting the polls on the Awami League ticket from Dhaka-10 constituency welcomed the premier at the centre.
Sheikh Hasina said BNP-Jamaat committed subversive acts by setting fire to trains, buses and burning people to death to obstacle holding peaceful election, referring to arson attacks on train on Friday night. “BNP-Jamaat clique does not believe in democracy and they don’t want the democratic process to continue. They don’t act for the welfare of the people,” she said.
“As we are ensuring congenial election environment, people can vote as they wish,” she said.
The premier expressed her hope that the election will be free, fair and peaceful.
“Now, people can vote for whoever they want. The election will be free and fair – and that’s what we want. We want all cooperation from people,” she said.
Replying to the question, Sheikh Hasina said BNP is not participating in the elections as they don’t get the chance of vote rigging as she termed BNP as a terrorist party. “They never believe in election. BNP was formed by a military dictator who illegally seized power violating the constitution. So they want to rig vote – this is their character,” she said.


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