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State Minister Dr. Enam defeated by UP Chairman


DE Online Report
In the 12th national election, independent candidate Saiful Islam won the Dhaka-19 seat by surprise. State Minister Dr. Enamur Rahman Awami League candidate for the boat symbol was defeated by him. Talukdar Tauhid Jang Murad of Eagle Prateik. Both the defeated candidates were heavyweights.
According to sources of Assistant Returning Office, Saiful Islam got 84,412 votes on the truck symbol.
Consisting of Savar and Ashulia of Dhaka, the number of voters in 292 centers is 7 lakh 56 thousand 416 people. Out of this, 222,650 votes have been cast. After 4,091 cancellations, valid votes were 2 lakh 18 thousand 559.
Peaceful election was held throughout the day. No complaints of violence were found in the constituency.
According to the Returning office, Saiful Islam’s nearest rival Talukdar Tauhid Jang Murad, an independent candidate of Eagle symbol, got 76,202 votes and the candidate for the boat symbol of this seat State Minister Dr. Enamur Rahman got 56,361 votes. Dhaka-19 constituency was discussed at the national level throughout the election period. Talukdar Tauhid Jang Murad made a surprise return to politics after ten years. Many thoughts that Dr. Enamur Rahman defeat of the boat can happen.
The declared results show that Eagle didn’t win. Instead, Saiful Islam, who resigned as the chairman of the self-reliant Dhamsona Union, has won as a member of parliament.

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