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World’s highest hanging prayer room unveiled in KSA


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The highest hanging prayer room, officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records, has been inaugurated in Saudi Arabia.
The hanging prayer room is situated 483 metres above sea level, reports Gulf News.
According to the report, this architectural wonder provides unparalleled views of the Kaaba and other significant religious landmarks in Mecca. The prayer room, which connects the two towers of the Address Jabal Omar Mecca Hotel, is not just a feat of engineering but also a testament to architectural ingenuity and creative prowess.
Using the latest technology and specially designed equipment, the 650-tonne steel bridge was initially assembled at 312 metres above ground before being elevated to its final position, linking the hotel’s twin towers across floors 36, 37, and 38. The hall, which can accommodate up to 520 worshippers in a spacious 550 square metre area, blends traditional Arabic designs with modern luxury.
Arabic calligraphy adorns its interiors, enhancing the room’s sanctity with the names of Allah and reflecting the rich Islamic heritage.
Worshippers in this prayer hall are treated to a spiritual experience filled with peace and tranquility. During Fajr prayers, they can witness the sunrise over Mecca, while the sunset bathes the chapel in warm.

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