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Three years after coup, rights crisis now in freefall in Myanmar: UN


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Three years after the military launched a coup, Myanmar’s ever deteriorating human rights crisis is now in freefall, with insufficient world attention paid to the misery and pain of its people, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said on Tuesday.
“Amid all of the crises around the world, it is important no one is forgotten. The people of Myanmar have been suffering for too long. Since the end of October last year, their situation has deteriorated even further as a result of the long-established tactics of the military to target them,” he said ahead of the anniversary of the coup on February 1. “This crisis will only be resolved by insisting on accountability for the military’s leadership, the release of political prisoners and the restoration of civilian rule,” Türk said.
He urged all Member States to take appropriate measures to address this crisis, including to consider imposing further targeted sanctions on the military to constrain their ability to commit serious violations of and disregard for international law — limiting access to weapons, jet fuel, and foreign currency.
“I commend the courage and resilience of Myanmar’s civil society and democratic movement, representing all ethnic communities, and urge their inclusion in any political process to restore democracy and respect for human rights in Myanmar,” the UN rights chief said, reports UNB.
Pitched battles between the military and armed opposition groups have resulted in mass displacement and civilian casualties.
As the military have suffered setback after setback on the battlefield, they have lashed out, launching waves of indiscriminate aerial bombardments and artillery strikes.

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