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Dhaka will be built as a smart city, says Rajuk Chairman


DE Online Report
The Chairman of the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), Md. Anisur Rahman Mia, stated, ‘We have successfully implemented various initiatives to develop the capital city Dhaka as a healthy, vibrant, modern, and smart city, and we are moving forward with further steps.’
Already, enhancements have been made in beautification, water supply management, construction and improvement of footpaths, as well as waste management alongside the development of communication and infrastructure in Dhaka.
He said, we have started a special training program with Rajuk officers with the aim of providing quality service to the city. Besides, we will build a smart Bangladesh with modern technology and Dhaka city will also be a smart city. We are taking various steps to that end. We have already started working on the implementation of Smart Dhaka as the capital of Smart Bangladesh as per the concept of Dhaka City. We will make Dhaka city a livable city.
RAJUK Chairman said, RAJUK is implementing the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) to make Dhaka Smart City like the developing countries. Bangladesh will become more developed in 2041. In continuation of this, we are working to make Dhaka, the capital of developed Bangladesh, a smart city. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced zero tolerance to make Bangladesh free from corruption. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people by making society free from corruption, justice, equality based society, economy fair. We want to ensure transparency and accountability.
He also said that no one will be spared from corruption. Prime Minister’s clear instructions on corruption are zero tolerance. We are working on it. We are taking action wherever there is corruption. I will not stand by anyone who is involved in corruption. Whoever commits corruption will not be in my team. None of the relatives, political identity, economic prosperity can protect someone involved in corruption.

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