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Safe, speedy return of BGP members to Myanmar is priority now


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday said now the priority is to ensure safe and speedy return of Myanmar border guards to their country but it is not the priority whether they will be sent back by air or sea.
“Bangladesh made this proposal considering that repatriation by air could be done quickly. Myanmar airlifted troops from India recently. So this proposal is given from the side of Bangladesh. Bangladesh wants to repatriate all these people as soon as possible. There is no opportunity to waste time here,” MoFA Spokesperson Seheli Sabrin told reporters at a weekly briefing.
It is hoped that they will be sent back to Myanmar as soon as possible, be it by air or by sea, she said, adding that their safe return is extremely important.
Responding to a question, Seheli said there is no question of any international or political reasons for sheltering Myanmar’s BGP members.
Myanmar’s BGP members have also recently taken refuge in India and returned to their homeland from India, she said.
“They have taken temporary shelter in Bangladesh as the members of a regular force fall in trouble and since day one the Myanmar government has expressed its desire to take them back to Myanmar. It may be noted that they have surrendered their arms to the BGB while entering Bangladesh,” Seheli said. “We are in regular contact with the Myanmar Embassy in Dhaka and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar.

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